Technology: Multiple projectors and screens, wireless microphones, and wireless HDMI receiver, HDMI and VGA connectors
Capacity:  50 - 80
Located at: Building 1, Level 1, Training Room (1.101)


The library training room is used for SUTD related events such as instructional class, workshop, seminars and talks.

Booking requests are only accepted from SUTD staff and faculty members,

The booking of the Library Training Room now available directly via IBMS. Users with eDollars can view and book the room.

The Library reserves the right to decline any booking request.


House Rules


No Food / No Drinks Policy 

There shall be no eating or drinking (except Bottled water) in the training room


You can contact Help Facilities if you need to put signage stands.  Do inform them the time to set-up and remove them

External guest

The staff responsible for the event should usher the guests/external speaker to the training room.

Shifting of furniture

If you have gotten permission to shift the furniture, do arrange with Help Facilities to shift them and thereafter reinstate them in the same area after the event on the same day.  The staff responsible for the event should co-ordinate and supervises with Facilities Management with regard to the shifting.


Unarming/ Arming of Doors

There may be instances that you need to unarm relevant doors in the library for your event.

You can contact Help Facilities to unarm the following doors. Do inform them the time to unarm and armed back.  It is recommended to inform them at least 3 days before the actual event

-               Library Level 1 main entrance/ side entrance (Lobby A)

-               Library Level 1 training room doors

-               Library Level 1 Fire exit doors (1.101-B)


Help Facilities email:

Contact number: 63036699


IT/ AV Support

Do remember to raise the projector screen up, power off the projectors, and switch off the Main power to the AV Cabinet if you have used it.


In the event that the IT/ AV equipment are not functioning, you can contact IT for assistance.


Help Desk email: 

Contact number: 64994500