SUTD Library is open for use by students, staff, faculty and the general public per stated policy.  Our Discussion Rooms, Parkscape and Training Rooms are reserved for use by SUTD students, faculty, researchers and staff.  Non SUTD users are welcome to use the other spaces available in the library.  Please observe the policy and rules set below.

General Spaces

  • Most of our library areas are fine for conversations and discussions. If you are looking for quiet space head to one of the individual quiet study carrels or desks.

  • Discussion rooms and booths are meant for group discussions, individual use is not allowed.

  • Persons using library space must ensure that the place is left as it was originally set up and that it is tidied and cleaned after using.

  • Adhere to our no Food and Drinks policy.

  • Sleeping outstretched in the library is not allowed.

  • Do not leave personal belongings unattended. The Library is not responsible for damage or theft of personal property.

  • When organising an event at the library, organisers are responsible to get EHS’ (Environment, Health and Safety) safety approval and clerance.

  • Defacing or damaging of library material and property is prohibited. Any violation may result in suspension of account and library usage rights as well as possible disciplinary action by the University.