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New Arrivals

ISBN: 9781139872034
Title: Ambient Integrated Robotics
Author: Bock, Thomas ; Linner, Thomas ; Güttler, Jörg ; Iturralde, Kepa
ISBN: 9783030508012
Title: 21st century sports : how technologies will change sports in the digital age
Author: Schmidt, Sascha L.
ISBN: 1108804780
Title: How to write good programs : a guide for students
Author: Stevens, Perdita
ISBN: 9781316286159
Title: A Biostatistics Toolbox for Data Analysis
Author: Selvin, Steve
ISBN: 9781108528986
Title: Probability on Graphs: Random Processes on Graphs and Lattices
Author: Grimmett, Geoffrey
ISBN: 9781139035613
Title: Density ratio estimation in machine learning
Author: Sugiyama, Masashi ; Suzuki, Taiji ; Kanamori, Takafumi

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