University Librarian (UL)
Judy Teo Peck Lin
Pillar Librarians

EPD, Science & Math Cluster
Joel Teo
Joel has professional experience in various corporate sectors in finance, health and education institutions. He enjoys a variety of hobbies including health and fitness, travelling and exploring various cuisines.

Jessie Tang
Jessie is a SUTD Pioneer Student graduated from the ASD Pillar. Now as the pillar librarian she is able to assist ASD in harnessing resources from softwares like Rhino to Model Making books and Material research. She enjoys reading, sailing, nature hikes and is skilled in Photography.

Fong Kok Seng
Before becoming a full-time professional librarian, Kok Seng had held various roles such as engineer, systems administrator and helpdesk manager in healthcare, transportation and education institutions. In his free time, he will go wandering and visit his friends in Japan.

Li Zhen Yan
Zhenyan has a background in English literature and information science. Handicraft and hiking are her interests during the spare time. She can speak “good” Mandarin too. 

Planning/Management/ Data Analytics/Dashboards/Service Quality
Contact: Loo Lay Yen, Senior Manager

SUTD History/Repository /Scholarly comms
Contact: Judy Teo, UL

Resource Discovery & Access
Contact: Loo Lay Yen, Senior Manager

Content Devt/Mgmt/Access
Contact: Loo Lay Yen, Senior Manager
Digital Initiatives
Contact: Vijaya Lakshimi, Manager
Circulation and Admin
Contact: Fong Kok Seng, Manager
Research Services and Pillar Support
Contact: Joel Teo, Senior Manager
Research Services
Contact: Joel Teo, Senior Manager
Engagement and Outreach/Training and User education
Contact: Juay Puay Yong, Senior Manager 
User Engagement
Contact: Juay Puay Yong, Senior Manager 
Showcase of SUTD Works
Contact: Li Zhen Yan, Senior Associate
Training and User education
Contact: Juay Puay Yong, Senior Manager ​​​​​​​

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