eBook Readers

Make your presentations, demo, surveys and other engagement activities come alive with our light-weight iPads.

Having a long rider back home OR want to take a break? Borrow our eBook readers and quench your curiosity with thousands of subscribed eBook Collection.


Scans and converts any text document to words swiftly and precisely. Hands-on the document scanner at Library Level 2

Captures and converts physical objects into digital format. You can easily merge the scan objects with your digital objects and create fun and hi-resolution postcards, posters and background images.

Prepare, record, reconstruct, process and share: Clip the device to iPad and capture color 3D scans of objects, people or 3D maps of interior spaces..

Collaboration Tools

This device allows you to instantly project your screen to audience without cable connections. Plug and toggle screens seamlessly among multiple presenters. Compatible with all HDMI output devices.

Doodle, capture and share your ideas electronically with your project group. Record the session for those who have missed the discussions.  An excellent tool for presentation, collaboration and brainstorming. Loan the device from the counter at Level 1

Portable mini projectors are ideal for group discussions

Portable mini projectors are ideal for group discussions. Connect Wirelessly or with HDMI cables. Checkout these devices at the counter at Level 1.