Books recommended for purchase must support the learning and teaching of courses offered by SUTD or, to support research work. As the Library adopts a go-digital strategy, electronic versions of books will be purchased to allow access anytime-anywhere.  To ensure fair access to all, recommended course texts acquired in printed form will be classified as Reference for referral in the library only.

Serials / Journals
Serials and journals are publications that are issued in successive parts. Like books, these are acquired to support learning, teaching and research in SUTD. Electronic versions are preferred over printed versions for easier access and savings in storage and processing.  With the exception of serials on architecture, all printed serials are discarded after 2 years.

Electronic Resources
Electronic resources include e-books, databases, online videos, e-journals. These are acquired to support learning, teaching and research in SUTD. Subscription to electronic resources is subject to approval from the Advisory Committee for Library and Information Services and availability of funds among other criteria. E-Resources will be evaluated annually. E-resources on subscription may be terminated if usage is continuously low or have been decreasing or when the contents no longer support courses offered.

Feature films purchased are strictly based on course needs. These can only be used in the classroom for teaching purposes and cannot be used for general screening and home use.

The Library welcomes donation of books in good condition and that can support the courses offered. The Library reserves the right to retain, discard or reassign books donated.

Books for evaluation
Request for book titles for evaluation must be made through the Library. Information on course, course id, term and name of instructors must be provided. The publisher will determine if evaluation copies can be issued. Physical books must be catalogued and issued to the requester. These must be returned to the Library when due.

Purchase guidelines
All purchases and subscriptions must adhere to SUTD procurement policy. Books bought with research grants must be deposited with the Library if it costs more than S$50.00. These will be catalogued and loaned to you.

You may recommend titles for purchase here.

If you have any queries or need clarification, please email the Library.