BCC Research
BCC Research provides comprehensive analysis of global market sizing, forecasting and industry intelligence, covering markets where advances in science and technology are improving the quality, standard and sustainability of businesses, economies and lives.

Frost & Sullivan 
Access to 30,000 technical, economic and market intelligence. Research topics include information and communication technologies; aerospace and defence; automotive and transportation; chemicals, materials and foods; electronics and security; energy and power systems; environment, building and technologies; healthcare; measurement and instrumentation; and industrial automation and process control. The research focuses on market strategies, forecast and analysis, as well as emerging technologies, to aid in the identification and generation of growth opportunities.

For employees of SUTD (Staff, Researchers, Faculty), please email to library@sutd.edu.sg to activate download feature.

Statista is a portal for statistical, market research and business intelligence information. Statista strength is providing information on social media, e-commerce and telecommunications. Other categories of information include energy, consumer goods, transport, banking and finance.