ACM Digital Library (ACM DL) 
A premier database for information in the fields of computing and information technology. Access to some 301,000 full-text articles, 42 high impact journals, annual addition of over 270 conference proceedings, 9 magazines and more. ACM DL also includes "The Guide to Computing Literature Bibliography", which contains bibliographic information and abstracts of publications from ACM and over 3000 publishers. Locate the information you need through searching across publishers, citation indexes, journal titles, subject classifications, conferences and special collections. Or create interest profiles that will prompt you when there is new information in your interest areas. You can also access the ACM Computing Reviews database which provides comprehensive and critical reviews of the computing literature.

American Mathematical Society (AMS) Journals 
Full-text access to all issues of journals from the AMS that are available in electronic format. Titles cover a broad range of mathematics and include AMS Journals such as the Journal of the American Mathematical SocietyMathematics of ComputationTransactions of the AMS. AMS-distributed journals, for example, Journal of Operator TheoryQuarterly of Applied Mathematics and Journal of Algebraic Geometry, are also accessible, as are the journals translated from Russian.

Computer & Applied Sciences Complete 
Access to more than 8600 full-text journals including 7500 peer-reviewed journals which cover the research and development aspects of the computing and applied sciences fields. It contains articles on a wide array of topics such as the engineering disciplines, computer theory and systems, new technologies and social and professional context.

IEEE Xplore 
IEEE Xplore is the world’s highest quality literature in engineering and technology. This includes access to some 3 million documents from IEEE's journals, transactions, letters, magazines, standards, and conference proceedings.